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2015 polymer clay challenge

I Accept the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

Is it New Year’s Eve already? Where did 2014 disappear to? While the year appears to have flown by, so much has happened in 2014, a little too much. When not sculpting I run my […]

Polymer Clay Rainbow Sculpting Tools cane slices

Rainbow Cane Polymer Clay Sculpting Tools

Creativity in polymer clay comes from being inspired by everything around you. So how can one be expected to sculpt a masterpiece with a set of boring tools in hand? I’ve heard many versions of […]

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Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby complete

Rosebud Sleeping Fairy Baby in Polymer Clay

I have a confession to make. Despite a promise to myself to work less and sculpt more, I found myself working too hard the past few weeks. And wouldn’t you know it, I got sick. […]

Valentine Hearts Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Earrings white pink hearts

Valentine Hearts Mokume Gane Jewelry Explosion

I found a new addiction! Mokume Gane There’s something magical about slicing into a funky looking block of clay to reveal magical pattern after magical pattern. Not familiar with this technique? See my Rainbow Mokume […]

Polymer clay Baby Heads 2

Baby Head Sculpting Practice

I set out to sculpt a sleeping fairy baby to enter into a sculpting contest. My frustrated kept mounting as I worked on the face because I really didn’t like how she was turning out. […]