My Sculpting Journey

July Fairy Baby measuring body armature

July Fairy Building The Armature

My polymer clay July Fairy baby finally has a cured (baked) face and is now ready to get a matching body. If you missed the facial sculpting process you can catch it here: Part 1 […]

scrap clay tutorial red grouping

Reviving Polymer Clay Scraps

Scrap Clay is an ever growing constant for every polymer clay user. Every project has a few unused ‘ends’. When you create a clay-covered pen, reduce a millefiori cane, create props or costumes for your […]

Bodewell the Yorkie

Sculpting Bodewell The Yorkie in Polymer Clay

Meet Bodewell the Yorkie This beautiful yorkie is Bodewell, because according to his mommy, he bodes well. He has an adorable personality complete with the cutest waddle, really high jump, and a bark that sounds like […]

Recent Posts

Polymer clay mushroom painted pupils

Salvaging Burned Polymer Clay Mushroom with Paint

Alas, burning a polymer clay sculpture is part of life. It’s been a while since I’ve burned a sculpture. In fact, I thought I’d taken every measure to protect my mushroom, but somehow, she still […]

Rock Troll Polymer Clay Paperweight eyes and face coming to life

Rock Troll Paperweight in Polymer Clay

Continuing along my polymer clay journey through fairies gnomes and trolls, we encounter the Broogen Bogge the rock troll on page 51. And what do you do with a heavy rock troll? You have him hold […]

Practicing Polymer clay Faces cutting forhead of green man winter

The Green Man Facial Experiments in Polymer Clay

It’s amazing that despite growing up around human beings, I still find myself unable to properly place anatomical features on a simple sculpted face. I look in the mirror every morning, I look at other […]

polymer clay fairy sprite red with short hair and leaves on head

The Fairy Sprite in Polymer Clay

Enter Ophelia Lilliana the tiny fairy sprite and the next creature in my Magical Journey through Fairies Gnomes and Trolls. Looking at the photos in the book, I somehow missed just how tiny she is. […]