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2015 polymer clay challenge

I Accept the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

Is it New Year’s Eve already? Where did 2014 disappear to? While the year appears to have flown by, so much has happened in 2014, a little too much. When not sculpting I run my […]

Polymer Clay Rainbow Sculpting Tools cane slices

Rainbow Cane Polymer Clay Sculpting Tools

Creativity in polymer clay comes from being inspired by everything around you. So how can one be expected to sculpt a masterpiece with a set of boring tools in hand? I’ve heard many versions of […]

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Mermaid Challenge Polymer Clay head before and after

Polymer Clay Mermaid Challenge Head

Did I mention how much I absolutely love the apprentice program by the Professional Doll Makers Guild? If I haven’t mentioned it already, I absolutely LOVE IT! As a beginner ‘realistic’ sculptor I often have […]

Before and After Pics sculpting the face in polymer clay

Working with My New Mentor: Sculpting the Face

With my day job (tutoring business) keeping me busier than expected, I find that I don’t get to sculpt as much as I should. That’s just part of it. Another part is fear and lack […]

Tiny canvas polymer clay tutorial video magicbyleah

Tiny Canvas Sunset Silhouette Polymer Clay Tutorial Video

Polymer Clay tiny canvas ‘paintings’ is my newest addiction. These tiny pieces are created using JUST polymer clay. This includes all the beautiful background colors and the 3-dimensional ‘painted’ silhouette image. After hours and hours […]

Fairy Door Pendant Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial

Fairy Door Pendant Polymer Clay Tutorial Video

Fairy doors are just… magical! They represent the transition between fantasy and reality, a door connecting the two worlds. And if you enjoy living in a fantasy world (like me) then a fairy door is […]

Sculpting an Amateur Terracotta Face 9

My First Sculpting Class Experience

A shy person never learns. This quote stuck with me since middle school. I find this especially true as a science teacher. If my students don’t ask questions, how will I know where they got […]