Baby Head Sculpting Practice

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Polymer clay Baby Heads 2I set out to sculpt a sleeping fairy baby to enter into a sculpting contest. My frustrated kept mounting as I worked on the face because I really didn’t like how she was turning out.

I haven’t sculpted a baby face in quite some time, and even the faces I have done were… amateurish.

And it occurred to me, instead of frustrating myself sculpting a face I don’t like, hands I don’t like, feet I don’t like… why not step back and PRACTICE? After all, isn’t that what I tell my students (I teach chemistry) on a daily basis?

Don’t tackle the entire difficult problem at once. Break it down into concepts and practice each component before moving on to the next.

So this is me taking my own advice. I squished the first 2 faces, here is #3 and 4.

My goals: Understand the baby face just a teeny bit more. Practice anatomical proportions by studying reference photos.

First thing I noticed: There really are NOT enough baby sculpting resources out there, especially free ones. There are some, but the video quality is poor, there is no sound/explanations, nothing that really caught my attention.

If/when I’m really good I will try to create some videos.

So instead I watched a few drawing videos and paid close attention to the proportions mentioned. This includes the placement of eyes lower down on the face, small nose, mouth, tiny chin…

Then I assembled my ‘reference photos’ by doing a google image search for ‘sleeping baby face

Here they are. Not perfect, not by a long shot. But I feel these 2 are the best and most realistic I’ve ever done.

Practice Polymer Clay Baby Head #3

Polymer Clay Baby Head armature Polymer Clay Baby Head covered armature

Polymer Clay Baby Head complete  Polymer Clay Baby Head upper view

Polymer Clay Baby Head lower viewPolymer Clay Baby Head right side

While I do like how he turned out, I feel he looks a bit like an old man. Something about the shape forehead and cheeks. Or perhaps I still have the eyes too high in the head.

Any and all feedback/critiques will be greatly welcome

Practice Polymer Clay Baby Head #4

  Polymer Clay Baby Face armaturePolymer Clay Baby Face marked face

Polymer Clay Baby Face rightPolymer Clay Baby Face leftPolymer Clay Baby Face copmlete Polymer Clay Baby Face right front


I love how this one turned out. A few improvements compared to the previous face (in my opinion) include the less bulging forehead, smaller features and recessed chin.

Of course my goal is to make them even more realistic. So, if you notice something I can change and improve, please let me know by leaving a comment below.



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  1. Martha Pysher says

    Thank you so much for all these lessons. I love sculpting! I am not good, but I like it. My problem has been they all look like men… they seem to take on a mans feature. That is ok, I will just have plenty of men around….lolol

    • MagicByLeah says

      you crack me up Martha. What’s wrong with sculpting little men? My first baby head kinda looks like an angry man too. I’m going to work on refining my skill.

  2. Rhonda says

    Leah, babies chins are more recessed, you are correct. The second one IS better! You are good, girl 🙂 Thank you, for posting and showing us your works. Maybe you aren’t as happy, as you should be, because the baby is bald. I’m sure when your little fairy baby has hair, you will like him more. Babies do look like older ppl, they are bald, no teeth etc… lol you are a GREAT SCULPTOR. Keep up your fantasy works, I love em! Proud of you xox Rhonda

    • MagicByLeah says

      Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback Rhonda, it makes my day. I don’t plan to finish these as sculptures. Instead I will keep them as ‘practice heads’ as a baseline for improving. I have a few more ‘head projects’ coming up

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