Baby Head Sculpting Practice

Polymer clay Baby Heads 2

I set out to sculpt a sleeping fairy baby to enter into a sculpting contest. My frustrated kept mounting as I worked on the face because I really didn’t like how she was turning out. I haven’t sculpted a baby face in quite some time, and even the faces I have done were… amateurish. And […]

July Fairy Part 2 Sculpting Facial Features and Ears

July Fairy Sculpted Baby Face 7

My poor fairy baby was abandoned mid-sculpt. Good thing she had no eyes or she’s start crying at her reflection in the mirror. If you missed the formation of the armature and head return to Part 1 – Sculpting Baby Head. Remember my error of mixing too much liquid clay? This worked out quite nicely […]

Micro Miniature Merbaby in Polymer Clay

Merboy micro polymer clay sculpture on my fingertip

I had so much fun sculpting the micro-miniature Mother’s Day fairy, I couldn’t resist doing another teeny tiny sculpture. This time I chose to sculpt a baby mermaid. Want to Follow Along? Here is what you will need to sculpt your very own micro-miniature mermaid baby. Pick up at your local craft store or purchase […]

Heart Shaped Wings for my Sleepy Valentine Goblin Fairy Baby

Sleepy Valentine Goblin Fairy Baby 16

Even sleepy goblin babies need to look their best. And so, with the sculpting of my  My sleepy Valentine’s Day fairy-turned-goblin baby (click here if you missed part 1) half the battle still awaits. I’ve seen some beautiful wings created from Angelina film also called fusible film. Other than my desire to create something ‘awesome’ I […]