Micro Miniature Polymer Clay Cardinals with Birdhouse in Winter Snow

Micro Miniature Polymer Clay Cardinals in Winter with Birdhouse In Bottle

To keep myself motivated this year I hope to enter at least one polymer clay challenge or contest each month. I entered 2 in January (can’t share the second one till voting is over). It’s not about winning because I’m competing with amazing pro sculptors. Instead it’s about thinking outside the box and coming up […]

Young Dutch Bunny In Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Dutch Bunny MagicByleah

This young dutch bunny is my second serious bunny sculpture for this spring. Catch the first one HERE. This sculpture was inspired by my childhood pet rabbit pictured below. Dutch bunnies are magnificent creatures, common as pets around the world, and recognized by their ‘formal’ black-tie attire. The average Dutch bunny weighs 5 pounds and […]

Baking and Painting the Yorkie Sculpture

Bodewell the yorkie polymer clay with bodewell

Bodewell the Yorkie is completed, along with his faux-wooden base. The final steps will include baking and painting. If you missed how he was made, catch the details and work-in-progress photos here: Part 1 – sculpting the Yorkie Part 2- Faux Wooden Base I tried my best to rid the base of any and all […]

Faux Wooden Base for Bodewell the Yorkie

Bodewell faux wood base preparing pattern over wood

My polymer clay version of Bodewell the Yorkie is sculpted and ready for baking. But first, the base. Did you miss Part 1 – Sculpting the Yorkie? Beloved Pet sculptures require a base, period!! No matter what you tell them, people will INSIST on handling your sculpture, such is human nature. I cringe every time […]

Sculpting Bodewell The Yorkie in Polymer Clay

Bodewell the Yorkie

Meet Bodewell the Yorkie This beautiful yorkie is Bodewell, because according to his mommy, he bodes well.┬áHe has an adorable personality complete with the cutest waddle, really high jump, and a bark that sounds like an old lady. Bodewell belongs to a close family friend and is my second-best canine pal (after Trooper) I’ve been […]