Fairy Door Bookend Wood Base Experiment

Fairy Door Bookend standing wood bookend

A ‘Secret Door’ is the first real project in my Polymer Clay Journey through Fairies Gnomes and Trolls. In the magical world, the secret door refers to none other than a Fairy Door. I’ve never done a fairy door before, but I think it’s something every sculptor of fantasy creatures must create at some point […]

Painting The Polymer Clay Reference Face

Painting polymer clay reference face sideways

My polymer clay journey through Fairies gnomes and trolls is off to a good start. As I mentioned in my last post, I chose to begin with a ‘pre-project’ by sculpting a reference face. This would provide me with a comparison to see how much my skills have improved after making my way through the […]

Sculpting My Polymer Clay Reference Face

MagicByLeah - Sculpting The Polymer Clay Reference Face

Before starting the first project in my journey through Fairies, gnomes & trolls, I wanted to do a simple sculpt to give myself a reference of where I currently stand, so that I can tackle this project again during my journey and compare the results. Quite conveniently, Maureen has some ‘pre-project’ tips from sculpting hands, […]

My Polymer Clay Journey Through Fairies Gnomes and Trolls

fairies gnomes and trolls by maureen carlson

There’s something magical about a raw lump of clay. A few ounces of sculpey which can be turned into any creature from your imagination. Fairies, gnomes, goblins, trolls and more. I’ve been sculpting on and off with polymer clay since I discovered sculpey back in high school. I’ve tried my hand at everything from fairies […]

Micro Miniature Merbaby in Polymer Clay

Merboy micro polymer clay sculpture on my fingertip

I had so much fun sculpting the micro-miniature Mother’s Day fairy, I couldn’t resist doing another teeny tiny sculpture. This time I chose to sculpt a baby mermaid. Want to Follow Along? Here is what you will need to sculpt your very own micro-miniature mermaid baby. Pick up at your local craft store or purchase […]

Sculpting a Sleepy Valentine Goblin Fairy Baby

Sleepy Valentine Goblin Fairy Baby measuring legs

I am embarking on a journey to create a sleepy fairy baby in honor of Valentine’s Day which is just around the corner. My baby sculpting skills are still amateur at best, so any feedback and critiques left in the comments sections below will be greatly appreciated. Alas, Dead Camera Battery Only I can start […]