Fairy Door Bookend Finishing Touches

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Fairy Door Bookend with rocks and mossHas it been over 3 months since I started this Fairy Door Bookend project? Wow! Life and work really do get in the way, but I’m happy to say my Fairy Door Bookend – Project #1 in my Journey through fairies gnomes and trolls is complete – sans fairies (coming soon)

If you missed the start of this process, see how I put together the wood bookend, created the blue magical wood from polymer clay, decorated the door and steps with rock and bark, and finally, below are the final touches.

I left off with the fairy door and 2 steps cooling in my convection oven. I normally let my clay cool overnight, but with work and all this got a week to cool.

Fairy Door Bookend paint bookend side

I tend to get OCD with little details, but knew if I tried to make this perfect I’d never finish, and there are so many other things I want to sculpt. And so I gave myself ‘permission’ to just finish, without going crazy. This will allow me to simplify the details, and be happy with the non-perfect outcome.

Using acrylic paint I coated the sides and back of the bookend since they will be exposed. I used a random mix of brown, gray, yellow and similar colors to give it a ‘natural’ look anywhere that may not be covered with clay.

Now for the hard part. I was worried the woody background may not fit the wood exactly, so I made it slightly larger knowing I can cut if needed. Using my super slicer I trimmed the clay to the height of the wooden bookend.

Fairy Door Bookend side view of clay on wood Fairy Door Bookend measuring clay to wood

My plan is to secure the clay to the wood using elmers wood glue, but I don’t trust the glue entirely given the position and weight of the clay. So I drilled a hole into the clay to match the hole in the wood. I figure a screw will help secure the weight, and the glue will keep the entire thing from shifting.

Fairy Door Bookend drill hole in clay to secure to woodFairy Door Bookend screwing clay to wood

After applying copious amounts of Elmer’s Wood Glue I secured the fairy door to the wood, filled the screw hole with glue and secured the screw in place.

Fairy Door Bookend covered in wood glue

The sheer size of this piece was bound to result in cracking. In terms of looks I’m not concerned because I plan to add moss. However, I did want to make sure every area of clay was secured to the wood, so I set small heavy bottles on the clay and let the glue dry overnight.

Fairy Door Bookend crack in baked clay Fairy Door Bookend weighing down clay on wood

I repeated this process with the front steps the following day, and let this dry overnight as well.

Next came the fun OCD addition of moss. This process was very time-consuming, but I put on a fun educational video in the background to occupy my mind as I worked.

Fairy Door Bookend adding moss to clayFairy Door Bookend with rocks and moss

And that’s it for Project #1 in my Journey Through Fairies Gnomes and Trolls

I’d love to hear from you. Did you like the length/style of the Fairy door posts? Do you have any suggestions for making these tutorial posts more exciting and easier to read? Let me know by leaving a comment below

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