Funky Geometric Polymer Clay Jewelry Pendants and Earrings

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funky geometric polymer clay beginner jewelry tutorial videoFollowing my Mokume Gane Experiments video I received many questions asking how I create my funky geometric jewelry pieces with a dark ‘border’ around each one.

Instead of trying to explain, I recorded a video demonstrating the process from start to finish.

I challenge YOU to run your own experiments. And be sure to tag @Magicbyleah when sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

Tools and supplies are listed below this video

(Click HERE to watch this video on YouTube. For transcript click the closed captions CC icon at the bottom right of the video)

Tools and supplies to follow along:

You can pick these up at your local craft store, or purchase using my amazon affiliate links below. (If you go through my links I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you)

Links Mentioned In the Video:

This video references my first 2 mokume gane tutorial videos

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  1. ladee says

    I Love your tutorials….. you have a pleasing voice, keep it simple yet share all we need to know…. some tutes are so boring I just mute and watch….. so thank you, for sharing your beautiful work and teaching us how…..I appreciate the simplicity !!!! Sending you hugs from Texas !!

  2. Martha says

    You always amaze me. I love the idea of the trim around the earrings & pendants, lovely. I really learned so much with this video, thank you. I would probably forget to flip the template…lolol, but after you telling us to not do that, maybe I will remember..lolol Thank you again.

  3. Lynn Decker says

    Leah, I love your tutorials. I am new to polymer clay and you have taught me so much and I love, love, love mokume gane. Can’t wait to try these geometric pieces….

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