I Accept the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

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I joined the 2015 polymer clay challengeIs it New Year’s Eve already? Where did 2014 disappear to? While the year appears to have flown by, so much has happened in 2014, a little too much.

When not sculpting I run my own full-time tutoring business over at Leah4sci.com

I had set some pretty lofty goals for 2014 and am happy to say that I reached my business goals

But they came at a cost!

I’m a workaholic.

I never saw this as a problem.

I knew what I wanted to do, knew how it was going to get done, and then I did everything I had to do to reach my goal.

I worked the usual 9-5, then worked nights, weekends… anytime I found myself with free time I found myself working!

And when I wasn’t working I was thinking of work

And the best (worst?) part is that I loved it all

Till I started feeling the symptoms.

Lethargy, and a sore throat that wouldn’t go away. For weeks and weeks.

After numerous visits to different medical specialists we discovered that I had some vitamin deficiencies along with vocal cord damage due to severe acid reflux.

(did I mention my work involves lots of speaking?)

How did this happen?


So much so that I neglected my health and personal well being.

I forgot how to relax and have non-work fun.

I found myself living 100% in the non-fantasy grown up world

And when I thought back to what I really enjoyed, it all came back to sculpting.

After all MagicByLeah.com is the place where fantasy and magic come to life in polymer clay.

But my clay lay abandoned for the better part of 2014

But not in 2015

Enter The 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge!

The 2015 polymer clay challenge is the brainchild of Katie from KatersAcres.com. It’s a personal challenge for sculptors to take upon themselves to complete at least one polymer clay project each week.

My gut reaction was ‘I can’t take on this challenge, I have to work‘. But then I thought, if I don’t take time to relax I won’t get better, and won’t be able to continue working.

And so, in an effort to force myself to relax I will take on this challenge.

Merboy micro polymer clay sculpture facial featuresI haven’t decided exactly what I will create each week so I’m taking on this challenge with the flexibility to create SOMETHING each week.

Here are some of my aspirations for 2015

  • Learn to sculpt more realistic people/fairies including proportions and anatomy
  • Learn to sculpt more realistic animals to the point of portrait recognition
  • Learn to sculpt realistic miniatures including food and household ‘props’ for my dolls
  • Improve my skills for special techniques like millefiori, mokume gane and more
  • And the big one Publish AT LEAST ONE WEEKLY polymer clay tutorial video to my YouTube channel

Weekly YouTube Tutorial Videos

Despite switching from teaching to sculpting mode, the teacher within me can’t help but to… teach!

I love to explain things. I love to break down a concept and show you how to do it.

Yes there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube already, but I enjoy it so much, and like to think that I bring my unique twist to different projects.

In teaching a concept I feel that I will really understand it as I break it down to explain.

And it also gives me an excuse to create projects I may not want to, and explore techniques that I’d otherwise push aside

But I may skip some Weeks

The problem with most New Year’s resolutions is the inability to keep them.


If you commit to something and find yourself unable to keep it, you quit!


I know that no matter how strongly I commit right now, there WILL BE times when I am so busy with work that I simply cannot find the time to sculpt.

Especially as my students prepare for midterms and finals.

So I’m giving myself an out up front. I give myself permission to skip a few weeks here and there without feeling like I failed myself. I feel that THIS will give me the motivation to pick up where I left off soon as my schedule dies down again.

So, are you with me for 2015?

I will be sharing my weekly projects and in-progress photos as follows:

Polymer Clay Rainbow Sculpting Tools reducing square caneMagicByLeah email Newsletter – Get notifications right to your inbox when I have a new sculpture on the site, new video on YouTube, new project in the works and so much more (that I don’t share on the blog or social media)

YouTube – Weekly polymer clay tutorial videos

Instagram – work-in-progress photos

Facebook – work-in-progress photos

Pinterest – finished projects and more

Google+ – finished projects and more

What about you? What is your 2015 goal / New Year’s Resolution?

Let me know by leaving a comment below

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  1. Teadrip says

    I really wished I could join you. If I only could set meself to finish one project each month…. I do have a full time job. Polymer clay is a hobby. It is time consuming though 😉 I will follow you!

    • MagicByLeah says

      Teadrip: The weekly challenge is a challenge for sure. But don’t let this stop you. If you can do one project a month then commit to that. Perhaps commit to making progress each week on your monthly project

  2. Rita Micallef says

    I’m glad you are taking time to get healthy again. I enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing your new experiments in the world of polymer clay. All the best in the New Year may it be healthy and creative and relaxing.. Cheers, Rita

    • MagicByLeah says

      Thank you Rita! I’m excited too and hope to have an amazing array of creations to share by next year this time

  3. says

    I am in total admiration for you willingness to put your health first! I also love all your goals and echo most of the ones for Sculpting!! I look forward to see your progress this year.

    • MagicByLeah says

      Thank you Elfie! Being sick is not fun but at least it was a wake-up call.
      I can’t wait to see what you create this year in the 2015 challenge. I love the little butterfly winged fairy you posted on Instagram

  4. Rhonda Magee says

    I’m making a commitment to do my best, no matter how long it takes to finish my projects. I’m slower than a snail. I suppose I can drink more coffee, eh?

    • MagicByLeah says

      You crack me up Rhonda. Doing your best is all someone can ask for. As for slow… yeah I’m OCD on my larger sculptures so I will mix it up this year working on large and small projects at the same time so that I can finish one per week. Within my goal I have a goal to complete one sculpture/fairy per month.

  5. says

    Leah, Today I had you on my heart a lot. Receiving this message makes me smile because you have come back to Polymer. When you told us you were sick and had to slow down, I sincerely was sad. I am so glad you are back and creating your videos again. I wish you a happy New year and wish you HEALTH & much happiness. Look forward to seeing what 2015 brings you. P s… I would love to do this challenge . God Bless!!

    • MagicByLeah says

      Thank you so much Ann Marie, I really appreciate your comment and can’t wait to share this year’s projects with you

  6. Elizabeth says

    Congratulations on realizing that you are human. Welcome back to all of us who would miss your work if you had made yourself to ill to continue. I look forward to following you in 2015. Happy New Year. Libby

    • MagicByLeah says

      Too funny and thank you Libby! I really missed sculpting so I’m glad I recognized the need to return before it was too late

  7. Linda says

    I’m excited, I have almost collected everything to begin my adventure with polymer clay. This will be a totally new experience and I am pushing myself to stay positive and get past my fear. I know your challenge will inspire me.

    • MagicByLeah says

      Awesome! But what are you waiting for? Grab some clay and get creating!
      The only way to learn is through practice

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