Magical Blue Wood Pattern Fairy Door in Polymer Clay

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blue wood fairy door completed blue polymer clay wooden doorWith my wood bookend base ready to go, it’s time to start sculpting the fairy door. When I picture ‘magical woods’ a pallete of sparkling midnight blues comes to mind. Just check out the background color on my website.

So it seemed only fitting to create a magical blue wooden pattern for my fairy door, my first project in my  Polymer Clay Journey through Fairies Gnomes and Trolls.

Here is what you will need to follow along with this project. You can pick them up at your local craft store, or purchase on amazon using my affiliate links below:

As mentioned in Fairy Door Part 1 – I chose to sculpt the door independent of the wooden base, and plan to secure everything together after baking. However, I did use the wood component as a reference to get the approximate size for the door.

Fairy Door Bookend Part 2 – The Door

I drew a rough sketch of a door that would fit nicely on my wooden bookend. I then shaped the door template using scrap clay. Positioned over a piece of baking paper to protect the wood, this will give me flexibility and maneuverability as I experiment with my magical wood.

Always test your color schemes. I blended together black, blue, and glittery Premo Pearl polymer clay to see if the effect worked for me.

blue wood fairy door polymer clay template blue wood fairy door color palatte

I love it!

blue wood fairy door polymer clay logsNext I rolled a series of clay logs in varying shades of blue and related colors, along with some white and translucent Premo polymer clay. I had a convenient selection after my recent polymer clay scraps revival experience.

From Colored Logs To Magical Blue Wood

I love creating ‘faux wood’ patterns in polymer clay. You have an idea of what will happen, but you never really know what you’re going to get. My Bodewell sculpture base required a sophisticated base, here we require magic!

Here is how to get the wood effect:

  • Roll your colored clay logs into a single log.
  • Twist the colorful log to ensure all the clay adheres to each other
  • Roll your clay into one giant colorful ball
  • Slice your ball using a sharp blade to expose the inner mixed portions
  • Run your slices through a dedicated pasta machine to get a thin sheet
  • If you like the effect – Keep It!
  • If it’s not mixed enough, repeat the above steps
  • again
  • and again
  • and again till you are satisfied with the results.

blue wood fairy door combining polymer clay logs blue wood fairy door twisting together clay

blue wood fairy door blue wood fairy door balling clay blue wood fairy door slice of clay mix

Once I had a few nice looking patterns, I rolled them into thin logs and ran them through the pasta machine individually. Notice the pattern is fairly mixed, yet each color is still clearly visible.

blue wood fairy door mixed polymer clay sheetsblue wood fairy door marbled clay logs

Not Enough Clay

blue wood fairy door polymer clay blue woodI’m always torn between running my sheets too thin in the pasta machine, or keeping them thick and wasting my beautifully patterned clay. There’s also the issue of scraps that occur in a project like this.

To solve both issues at once, I mixed together some of the scraps with more scrap clay, and created thin sheets using my pasta machine. I placed my beautiful wood over a sheet of scraps and ran them through the pasta machine together. This thinned out my wood stretching the pattern and giving me a greater surface area to work with.

This also served to thicken the overall clay to be used for my wood door components.

blue wood fairy door thickening blue polymer clay wood blue wood fairy door magical blue clay wood

I repeated this process till I had enough varied blue wooden ‘logs’.

I used a super-slider Sculpey Super Slicer to even the edges and remove any scraps sticking out.

I then added my blue wood logs to the scrap clay template letting them hang over the top and bottom.

blue wood fairy door slicing blue polymer clay woodblue wood fairy door positioning blue polymer clay wood 


Using my Sculpey Super Slicer I cut a flat base and curving top.

blue wood fairy door completed blue polymer clay wooden door

My Fairy Door is ready for decoration!

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  1. Karen S says

    You are so inspiring and have helped me out so much in the techniques you use. Thank you for such detailed help in working with polymer clay.
    especially helpful was to refrigerate the clay before cutting it. I have ruined so many of my beginners projects by trying to cut while still warm from handling.
    please continue your tutorials!
    kind regards,

    • MagicByLeah says

      Thank you Karen. I have learned from a combination of tutorials and trial-and-error. Happy to be passing on what I learned and having fun in the process

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