Rosebud Sleeping Fairy Baby in Polymer Clay

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Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay BabyI have a confession to make. Despite a promise to myself to work less and sculpt more, I found myself working too hard the past few weeks. And wouldn’t you know it, I got sick. I guess a simple cold is better than something long-term, especially since it served as a reminder to me. Work less, relax and sculpt more.

This cold delayed my newest project which is a series I designed to help me improve my baby sculpting skills.

One issue I faced was trying to take on too much at once. Learn to sculpt a face and body and hands and feet and… it was overwhelming.

As a science teacher I advise my students to identify 1 area of weakness and work on it. Once confident move on to the next and the next.

This helps them master a bigger goal without getting overwhelmed in the process.

So I chose to start with the face.


Analyze and get feedback

Sculpt another

get more feedback…

But the baby face collection is growing and they look sad if not turned into projects.

After much debate I came up with an idea that lets me create just a face and still finish the project.

Once I’m confident with faces I’ll add a chest.

Maybe even a hand or two.


Wrap em up!

I thought of blankets and cocoons, but settled on flower buds.

I mean, where else would you set a fairy baby to nap?

Here’s the first in the series, the rosebud baby. This post is a quick overview as I work on my process. Once I have it down I’ll do a more detailed tutorial if requested.

I started with a quick reference sketch for a human proportion baby – 4 heads tall.

Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby armature

I created a simple foil and wire armature and covered with a mix of super sculpey and premo sculpey.

Facial details and blush was painted using a mix of genesis heat-set oil paint thinned with liquid sculpey.

While it’s recommended to paint a baked face, I chose to paint this one raw.

Once I set to work on my painting skills I’ll attempt the layers method.

Here she is. MY best baby face to date. Not perfect but I love her!

Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby face Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby ears 2 Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby ears side Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby painted

Body Armature

Her body was shaped using aluminium foil squished into a pod shape and covered with scrap polymer clay

Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby body armature

Skinner Blend Petals

The skinner blend sits on a list of techniques I fear. But like mokume gane I set out to conquer it

The rosebud petals were created with a skinner blend of red and blush premo sculpey polymer clay.

Definitely need to keep working on this technique.

Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby skinner blend Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby skinner blend rose petals

Starting at the head I added overlapping petals all the way down her body.

The bottom portion (sepal?) and leaves was made from green polymer clay.

Rosebud Fairy Polymer Clay Baby complete

My Takeaways

Her head is a bit 2-dimensional, definitely need to analyze the sides as I sculpt the next one. I also need to work on the eyes to make them look more realistic, even while closed. And finally, I like my fairies with big heads, so for the next one I’ll attempt a 3-heads-tall baby instead of 4. I would love additional feedback/critiques in the comments below.

My Question for You

What do I do with her? and her future fellows?

Add wire and turn into an ornament? A sculpture laying down?

I’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section below.

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  1. kathay says

    love the flower baby face, I think the body is to long to look like a flower……you should do a bunch of flowers like rose, daisy, petunia, pansy etc. what a bouquet that would make… your site….Kathay

    • MagicByLeah says

      Thank you so much Kathay and I agree, way too long. The next baby will be just 3 heads and I’ll analyze from there. I’m thinking of doing a pink rose next so stay tuned

  2. Helen says

    Well done with your fairy baby. Now you have to build a fairy nursery for each season of babies.. This is something I would like to do. My nieces would adore it

    • MagicByLeah says

      Haha this is too cute of an idea. Thank you Helen. Though I’m not sure what you mean by ‘each season’. I’m definitely thinking more and more flowers though

  3. Tina Harvey says

    I was wondering if you did baby animals, I would love to see a baby tiger, or any baby animals really. Just learning to do clay and I would love to do animals, I love your work, it is beautiful, I hope someday I can be half as good as you.

    • MagicByLeah says

      Thank you Tina. I’m still a beginner myself. I’ve done a few animals, mostly dogs and rabbits. I would love to be able to do baby tigers and other cool animals. One day 🙂

  4. Karen S says

    OMGOsh! i may even attempt this wonderful project. One day 🙂
    LOVE your very inspiring site!

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