Polymer Clay Mermaid Challenge Head

Mermaid Challenge Polymer Clay head before and after

Did I mention how much I absolutely love the apprentice program by the Professional Doll Makers Guild? If I haven’t mentioned it already, I absolutely LOVE IT! As a beginner ‘realistic’ sculptor I often have questions. I’m still getting used to anatomy and general sculpting features. Being able to ask questions and get feedback every […]

Tiny Canvas Tree Swing in Sunset Polymer Clay Tutorial Video

Tiny Canvas Polymer Clay Tutorial Video Tree Swing in Sunset video

When I discover a new technique, I can’t stop at just one. Same thing happened with my Mokume Gane obsession. In the first Tiny Canvas Tutorial Video I showed you how to create a simple 3-color sunset background. This tutorial is slightly more advanced using additional colors and glitter to create the effect of a sun that […]

Tiny Canvas Sunset Silhouette Polymer Clay Tutorial Video

Tiny canvas polymer clay tutorial video magicbyleah

Polymer Clay tiny canvas ‘paintings’ is my newest addiction. These tiny pieces are created using JUST polymer clay. This includes all the beautiful background colors and the 3-dimensional ‘painted’ silhouette image. After hours and hours of experimenting I’ve simplified the technique into a beginner addiction. Here’s the first tutorial below. Video 2 will follow next […]

Fairy Door Pendant Polymer Clay Tutorial Video

Fairy Door Pendant Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial

Fairy doors are just… magical! They represent the transition between fantasy and reality, a door connecting the two worlds. And if you enjoy living in a fantasy world (like me) then a fairy door is a MUST in your collection of polymer clay pieces. This tutorial is for a miniature fairy door. The video shows […]

Teddy Bear Charm Pendant Beginner Polymer Clay Tutorial

One of my favorite polymer clay projects is the miniature teddy bear. It’s fun, it’s easy, and there are so many variations you’ll never get bored. This video takes you through my marble teddy bear process step by step. You can turn your teddy bear into a charm, pendant or stand-alone miniature. After you sculpt […]

Funky Geometric Polymer Clay Jewelry Pendants and Earrings

funky geometric polymer clay jewelry pendants and earrings video

Following my Mokume Gane Experiments video I received many questions asking how I create my funky geometric jewelry pieces with a dark ‘border’ around each one. Instead of trying to explain, I recorded a video demonstrating the process from start to finish. I challenge YOU to run your own experiments. And be sure to tag […]

Experimenting with Mokume Gane Effects in Polymer Clay Video

Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Experiments video

My mokume gane addiction continues… I made a number of jewelry pieces with the mokume gane created in my last tutorial video. As I cut and shaped I noticed that I really liked some of the patterns that showed up. But their appearance seemed rather random. So in this video I set out to experiment with […]