July Fairy – Sculpting The Baby Legs

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July Fairy Polymer Clay Baby sculpting toesJuly has nearly drawn to a close, and my polymer clay fairy baby is nowhere near completion. Life can really get in the way, but I assume a July fairy in August is still magical fairy. If you missed the previous July Fairy posts you can catch them here:

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A drawback to starting a sculpture with no real plan, is that plans WILL form along the way, sometimes requiring extra effort to undo what was already done. Today I set out to give my fairy baby some limbs, but decided that I did not like the look of her torso. Despite initially shrinking it down, I decided that I had still used too much foil for the torso making her look very long, and this would bother me forever.

And while the thought of ‘undoing’ what I had already done was scary, it was a matter of ‘do it now or regret it forever’ so I ripped into her poor belly.

I removed the clay and outer layer of foil sadly destroying my carefully sculpted baby buttocks region. I added a fresh layer of clay for her chest and belly.

July Fairy Baby redoing the torso July Fairy Baby smaller torso

I am so much happier with how she looks right now. My last post taught me that sculpting the legs while attached to the body equals trouble. To avoid having the legs stick together I chose to sculpt them individually before attaching to the body.

I sculpted the legs from the bottom up, starting with a very basic boot shape. I tried a variety of methods for the toes and wound up squishing most of my early attempts. I was happy enough with this set and kept them.

July Fairy Polymer Clay Baby bootsJuly Fairy Polymer Clay Baby sculpting toesJuly Fairy Polymer Clay Baby shaping toes

Then I added clay for the thighs

July Fairy Polymer Clay Baby sculpting legs

and attached the legs to the baby’s bottom

July Fairy Polymer Clay Baby attaching legs

A belly button and lower lady parts provide some anatomical correctness (discounting my novice skills of course.)

I added padding for her buttocks and thighs, then positioned her legs into a comfortable sleeping position.

July Fairy Polymer Clay Baby legs and buttocksJuly Fairy Polymer Clay Baby toes up closeJuly Fairy Polymer Clay Baby legs front viewJuly Fairy Polymer Clay Baby positioning legs 

Believe it or not, even fairy babies can wake up cranky from sleeping the wrong way.

Wow, where did the afternoon go??

To Be Continued…

July Fairy Polymer Clay Baby ready for next step

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