Fairy Door Pendant Polymer Clay Tutorial Video

Fairy Door Pendant Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial

Fairy doors are just… magical! They represent the transition between fantasy and reality, a door connecting the two worlds. And if you enjoy living in a fantasy world (like me) then a fairy door is a MUST in your collection of polymer clay pieces. This tutorial is for a miniature fairy door. The video shows […]

Fairy Door Bookend Finishing Touches

Fairy Door Bookend with rocks and moss

Has it been over 3 months since I started this Fairy Door Bookend project? Wow! Life and work really do get in the way, but I’m happy to say my Fairy Door Bookend – Project #1 in my Journey through fairies gnomes and trolls is complete – sans fairies (coming soon) If you missed the […]

Finishing the Fairy Door in a Magical Polymer Clay Tree

fairy door polymer clay textured background

A fairy door, made from magical wood or not, is not enough to entice the fairy folk. And so, with the wooden bookend constructed, and blue wood complete, it’s time to decorate the door to bring the entire piece together. I personally found this process to be the most challenging so far. I love getting […]

Magical Blue Wood Pattern Fairy Door in Polymer Clay

blue wood fairy door completed blue polymer clay wooden door

With my wood bookend base┬áready to go, it’s time to start sculpting the fairy door. When I picture ‘magical woods’ a pallete of sparkling midnight blues comes to mind. Just check out the background color on my website. So it seemed only fitting to create a magical blue wooden pattern for my fairy door, my […]

Fairy Door Bookend Wood Base Experiment

Fairy Door Bookend standing wood bookend

A ‘Secret Door’ is the first real project in my Polymer Clay Journey through Fairies Gnomes and Trolls. In the magical world, the secret door refers to none other than a Fairy Door. I’ve never done a fairy door before, but I think it’s something every sculptor of fantasy creatures must create at some point […]