July Fairy Part 2 Sculpting Facial Features and Ears

July Fairy Sculpted Baby Face 7

My poor fairy baby was abandoned mid-sculpt. Good thing she had no eyes or she’s start crying at her reflection in the mirror. If you missed the formation of the armature and head return to Part 1 – Sculpting Baby Head. Remember my error of mixing too much liquid clay? This worked out quite nicely […]

Micro Miniature Merbaby in Polymer Clay

Merboy micro polymer clay sculpture on my fingertip

I had so much fun sculpting the micro-miniature Mother’s Day fairy, I couldn’t resist doing another teeny tiny sculpture. This time I chose to sculpt a baby mermaid. Want to Follow Along? Here is what you will need to sculpt your very own micro-miniature mermaid baby. Pick up at your local craft store or purchase […]