Reviving Polymer Clay Scraps

scrap clay tutorial red grouping

Scrap Clay is an ever growing constant for every polymer clay user. Every project has a few unused ‘ends’. When you create a clay-covered pen, reduce a millefiori cane, create props or costumes for your sculptures… the list goes on. In the past I’d simply combine my scraps into an unattractive brownish lump. All the […]

Mini Food Processor For Mixing and Conditioning Polymer Clay

Food Processor for Polymer Clay blending the clay

While I love sculpting with polymer clay, the process of mixing and conditioning clay can become quite tedious and sometimes painful. This is especially true when conditioning clay for sculptures rather than miniatures for a number of reasons: The process of conditioning a few ounces of clay by hand, or even a pasta machine, is […]

An Elf Is Born 1 – Preparing The Clay

mixing polymer clay with pasta machine

There are certain rules or formulas that a sculptor is expected to follow. I don’t like to follow the rules but I do take them into consideration. So if my methods appear a bit off… Rules are meant to be broken, and I’m still learning. In my last post I gave you a quick tour […]