Micro Miniature Polymer Clay Cardinals with Birdhouse in Winter Snow

Micro Miniature Polymer Clay Cardinals in Winter with Birdhouse In Bottle

To keep myself motivated this year I hope to enter at least one polymer clay challenge or contest each month. I entered 2 in January (can’t share the second one till voting is over). It’s not about winning because I’m competing with amazing pro sculptors. Instead it’s about thinking outside the box and coming up […]

Polymer Clay Guardian Mushroom Hidden Money Compartment Part-1

Guardian mushroom polymer clay hat side view

I live in a fantasy world. I love magical adventures and hidden things. Which is why the newest venture in my magical Journey through Fairies gnomes and trolls turns a magical mushroom into a Guardian Mushroom. She will sit on display, innocent but on guard, keeping her eyes on a secret, yet easy-to-access emergency cash fund. This project […]

Rainbow Cane Polymer Clay Sculpting Tools

Polymer Clay Rainbow Sculpting Tools cane slices

Creativity in polymer clay comes from being inspired by everything around you. So how can one be expected to sculpt a masterpiece with a set of boring tools in hand? I’ve heard many versions of this phrase ‘An artist will be more inspired to create art, when working with a piece of art in hand’. […]

Reviving Polymer Clay Scraps

scrap clay tutorial red grouping

Scrap Clay is an ever growing constant for every polymer clay user. Every project has a few unused ‘ends’. When you create a clay-covered pen, reduce a millefiori cane, create props or costumes for your sculptures… the list goes on. In the past I’d simply combine my scraps into an unattractive brownish lump. All the […]

Mini Food Processor For Mixing and Conditioning Polymer Clay

Food Processor for Polymer Clay blending the clay

While I love sculpting with polymer clay, the process of mixing and conditioning clay can become quite tedious and sometimes painful. This is especially true when conditioning clay for sculptures rather than miniatures for a number of reasons: The process of conditioning a few ounces of clay by hand, or even a pasta machine, is […]

Heart Shaped Wings for my Sleepy Valentine Goblin Fairy Baby

Sleepy Valentine Goblin Fairy Baby 16

Even sleepy goblin babies need to look their best. And so, with the sculpting of my  My sleepy Valentine’s Day fairy-turned-goblin baby (click here if you missed part 1) half the battle still awaits. I’ve seen some beautiful wings created from Angelina film also called fusible film. Other than my desire to create something ‘awesome’ I […]