Polymer Clay Guardian Mushroom Hidden Money Compartment Part-1

Guardian mushroom polymer clay hat side view

I live in a fantasy world. I love magical adventures and hidden things. Which is why the newest venture in my magical Journey through Fairies gnomes and trolls turns a magical mushroom into a Guardian Mushroom. She will sit on display, innocent but on guard, keeping her eyes on a secret, yet easy-to-access emergency cash fund. This project […]

Rock Troll Paperweight in Polymer Clay

Rock Troll Polymer Clay Paperweight eyes and face coming to life

Continuing along my polymer clay journey through fairies gnomes and trolls, we encounter the Broogen Bogge the rock troll on page 51. And what do you do with a heavy rock troll? You have him hold your papers of course! What I particularly enjoyed about this project, is the ability to continue working on my facial […]

The Green Man Facial Experiments in Polymer Clay

Practicing Polymer clay Faces cutting forhead of green man winter

It’s amazing that despite growing up around human beings, I still find myself unable to properly place anatomical features on a simple sculpted face. I look in the mirror every morning, I look at other people while talking to them, yet I still have trouble figuring out where to place the eyes, nose, how to […]

July Fairy Part 2 Sculpting Facial Features and Ears

July Fairy Sculpted Baby Face 7

My poor fairy baby was abandoned mid-sculpt. Good thing she had no eyes or she’s start crying at her reflection in the mirror. If you missed the formation of the armature and head return to Part 1 – Sculpting Baby Head. Remember my error of mixing too much liquid clay? This worked out quite nicely […]