Tiny Canvas Sunset Silhouette Polymer Clay Tutorial Video

Tiny canvas polymer clay tutorial video magicbyleah

Polymer Clay tiny canvas ‘paintings’ is my newest addiction. These tiny pieces are created using JUST polymer clay. This includes all the beautiful background colors and the 3-dimensional ‘painted’ silhouette image. After hours and hours of experimenting I’ve simplified the technique into a beginner addiction. Here’s the first tutorial below. Video 2 will follow next […]

Fairy Door Pendant Polymer Clay Tutorial Video

Fairy Door Pendant Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial

Fairy doors are just… magical! They represent the transition between fantasy and reality, a door connecting the two worlds. And if you enjoy living in a fantasy world (like me) then a fairy door is a MUST in your collection of polymer clay pieces. This tutorial is for a miniature fairy door. The video shows […]

Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Earrings and Pendant Video

Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Jewelry tutorial

Ok I admit, I’m addicted to Mokume Gane. It all started with that Rainbow Pen and those beautiful colors popping out at every layer. So I took it a step further with this video as I show you step by step how I created two different style of mokume gane pendant and earrings jewelry sets. This […]

Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Rainbow Pen Tutorial Video

mokume gane polymer clay tutorial video by MagicByLeah

Mokume Gane is one of those techniques that always scared me. I’m not 100% sure why. Perhaps it looks too… complex? Or perhaps the idea that it’s hit or miss. You make the mokume gane stack and you’re stuck with it, there’s no ‘fixing it’ like with a sculpture. And so I studied mokume gane […]

2 Methods to Cover a Pen With Polymer Clay Cane Slices

covering a pen with polymer clay cane slices magicbyleah

This video shows you two of my favorite methods for covering a pen with polymer clay cane slices. Both methods are relatively simple and will yield different but wonderful results. This video is part 2 of 3 in the smiley face pen project. This video uses the smiley cane made in Part 1 – Making […]