Tiny Canvas Tree Swing in Sunset Polymer Clay Tutorial Video

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When I discover a new Tiny Canvas Polymer Clay Tutorial Video Tree Swing in Sunsettechnique, I can’t stop at just one. Same thing happened with my Mokume Gane obsession.

In the first Tiny Canvas Tutorial Video I showed you how to create a simple 3-color sunset background.

This tutorial is slightly more advanced using additional colors and glitter to create the effect of a sun that is nearly gone for the night.

Tools and supplies listed below the video

(Watch tiny canvas part 2 on YouTube. For transcript click the closed captions CC icon at the bottom right of the video)

Missed the first tiny canvas tutorial? Watch it HERE

Tools and supplies to follow along:

You can pick these up at your local craft store, or purchase using my amazon affiliate links below. (If you go through my links I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you)

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